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                About Us

                Dujiangyan school board room will be removed on September 1 in batches into the new school

                Time:2014-03-03    Views:0


                "Farewell, my dear school board room!" Yesterday was the Dujiangyan City elementary, middle and take the transcripts of the day, in the Pegasus School, more than 1,000 high school students around the playground, with poetry readings, singing, etc., and they get along School board room for nearly a year farewell. From today onwards, Dujiangyan City, elementary, middle and will be officially closed for the summer, is from today onwards, shelter in Dujiangyan 7 million primary and secondary students in the board room will begin to bid farewell to the stage of history the school, were removed in batches, remove The board room materials for recycling by the relevant departments. School year, September 1, all primary and secondary schools are all entered into the permanent new school attended. 

                Pick up the camera 

                He and the board room school silent farewell 

                "I read in the board room, the books for nearly a year, will certainly remember a lifetime." Pegasus School Students Zhao 8 letter three days in the school board room at the farewell ceremony, he took a digital camera and students pictures taken together. He told reporters that he was not only to record the end of junior high school life, it should also take with them nearly a year of record school board room. "Without the earthquake, I'll never not in the board room classroom lessons." He also told reporters that post-disaster reconstruction and the Pegasus Pegasus Primary School will be merged into Pegasus nine schools in the future "Pegasus School," this brand will cease to exist. 

                Fu Qiang Ma told reporters that secondary school principals, school board room left them too much memory. Rush from the board room school built in the board room to the classroom experience bit by bit, all they will never forget. In order for children to always remember to give the board room of their sheltered school, teachers and students engaged in their specially organized a farewell ceremony for the school board room so that children can learn to be grateful, remember when the school board room reconstruction Bengbu, Anhui, Chengdu Construction Iron Army and other workers, and those who aided them. 

                A total of 12 million square meters 

                Over 7 million students have a warm heart 

                According to Wang Peijun Dujiangyan City Board of Education Office of the introduction of Dujiangyan after the earthquake a total of 45 point board room school, with a total construction area of 121,000 square meters, including the Pegasus School, Juyuan secondary schools and kindergartens more than 60 primary and secondary schools for nearly 7 million students enrolled. From today onwards, in addition to a moderate 4 Dujiangyan, a sophomore high school students with high are still required to continue attending the school board room to the July 7 summer break, all of third grade students also need to attend three days in the board room, until June 13-14 Japan test ended. After all the board room schools will be gradually removed to make way for the comprehensive reconstruction of schools. 

                It is reported that Juyuan Middle School board room room occupied by the original source of primary school playground together, in order to free up land for construction in a timely manner, Juyuan Middle School board room room was all removed before yesterday, and third grade students in the school Poly has also moved into the source of all primary school classroom, board room, to be in the examination after the board room Juyuan primary classrooms will end her historic mission.