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                About Us


                FOSHAN CCP MOBILE HOUSE CO., LTD is located in luocun town, Nanhai district, Foshan city, Guangdong, China. It occupied area of 15000 square meter, CCP is a strong enterprise that it has been engaged with light steel structures and prefabricated house in the field of develop, manufactory, sales and installation in China.

                It has a number of high-quality technological development talent and soul sales team. To equiped 8 pieces of modern production line and many installation teams, they make and assemble all kinds of steel structure house, C profile steel, color steel tiles, asphaltum tiles, EPS sandwich panel, cement / honeycombed sandwich panel, enclosure board. Especially, various of “Doctor Wall” are famous in China and abroad.

                CCP is a high and new technology enterprise, our prefabricated house have many characteristics: Energy conservation, Environmental protection, easy stock, construction rapidly, use repeatedly. As a strong & big enterprise in prefabricated house field, it must be supply more and new economic and environmental protection products for the world. CCP has been ISO9001:2000 certified. We are exploring international mackets and are building a strong business network all over the world, our products have been successfully exported to Southeast Asia ( Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines ), Middle East ( UAE, Jordan, Doha ), East Europe, Russia, North Europe ( Danmark, Norway ), Africa ( Sudan, Kenya, Angola ), Middle American ( Mexico, Panama ), Astralia…

                CCP take “Quality first, Prestige highest, Customer first” as our aim, we cooperate with high-quality products and good service, create brilliance with the customer of all over the world.